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November Update

Thank You

Thank you all for your support this last year! Remley and I have felt your prayers every step of the way. It is so humbling to know that all of you support us and believe in the importance to plant churches and to see God’s kingdom expand.

Big News  (If you want to the update video, click here.)

A lot has transpired in the last three months.

While we wanted to continue to serve in Billings and plant in Montana, it became clear that there was not much of an opening for us to plant for the foreseeable future. We prayed that God would lead and show us His will. God was gracious and opened the door for continued church planting endeavors. God has graciously gifted us with a church, Evangelical Presbyterian Church Newark (PCA), who has taken us under their wing for 18-24 months. During this period, we will be strategically preparing to plant in Delaware while I am serving as Assistant Pastor over youth, outreach, and assimilation. This position has allowed me the opportunity to work on a few skill gaps that the MNA Church Plant Assessment Center recommended that I work on.

This is not the path that we had planned but it has been comforting to see God’s hand in all this! He has been faithful to us in safe travels, provided us the financial means to move, and has sustained us physically, mentally, and spiritually through this transition.


This month we ask that you please pray for:


  • Please pray that would be able to witness others around me. Erica, Pooch, and Benny are some people that I have witnessed to. Pray that I would be able to meet up with them a second time and continue the conversation.
  • Please pray for J. I had an hour-long gospel conversation with him. He wants to meet up again and talk. We have been texting back and forth this week. Please pray that God would continue to work in J’s life and open his eyes to the gospel.


  • Pray for wisdom on where to plant. We have a few places we are praying about including Georgetown, DE. Please pray that we will be able to make strategic connections in the community in the coming months. Praise God that we have already made 2 connections in Georgetown!

Our Children:

  • While they’re enjoying their new community, both of our kids miss their old home. They miss their cat that we had to leave in Montana. They miss their family and friends in Montana. Pray that they would settle well in this new transition.


  • Please pray that we will continue to raise more support. By the next 4 months, we need 10 people who would pledge $50 a month so we can stay in the black. Please pray God will raise up more connections and financial partners in our ministry.

Thank you all so much for continuing with us as we minister to the lost and prepare for future church planting.

 “I call upon you, for you will answer me, O God; Incline your ear to me;
hear my words.”
– Psalm 17:6

Summer Update

Here are just a few things that have happened since we wrote last:

  • The first of our opportunities for service with the youth, building a fire pit for some of our elder members, went well. We also began taking meals to our home-bound elders after fellowship meals. We look forward to more opportunities to serve our elders in our community this fall!
  • We had a fun and successful end-of-the-school-year party for the kids with Kids Club at Great Plains Gathering. We saw lot of new faces. We also enjoyed the opportunity for enjoying ourselves and celebrating a good school year.
  • We have had several BBQs and dinners at our home this summer (yay for the summer break!) and enjoyed the chance to get to know the people of GPG better and hear how the Lord has been working in their lives.
  • The first GPG summer picnic was a blast! The next is Sunday, July 30th.
  • Anthony has continued to work with the MSUB Office of American Indian Outreach and has been helping them transition to a new location on campus for the fall. The new location will include room for childcare and mothers. The ribbon cutting ceremony is in September and GPG is a sponsor of the room.
  • This year’s Vacation Bible School with Rocky Mountain Community Church was a huge blessing! They had 140 kids registered including many from GPG. It was a blessing to see our churches work together for the Lord.
  • Anthony was blessed to preach at GPG this summer. It is always a joy to bring the Word and minister to the people here. His sermons are available here and here.
  • Rowan turned 3!



This month we ask that you please pray for: 

  1. Fall Kids Club – We are putting the final touches on the program planning for Kids Club that kicks off again in September. Please pray for the gathering of volunteers, the reviewing of curriculum, and the students who will join us. Please pray that God brings kids to GPG and that they will learn about Him and love Him. Please pray for the upcoming Women’s Bible Study that runs parallel to Kids Club.
  2. Discipleship Opportunities – Anthony has had the chance to deepen some discipleship relationships over the summer. He’s teaching one man how to read the Bible. He’s also reaching out to others to meet for prayer. Please pray that God will continue to grow these relationships and the love of the Lord in all involved.
  3. Continued Fellowship Opportunities – We have enjoyed the chance to have many families in our home over this summer break. It’s been a joy to know the people God has called us to and to understand how to better serve them and pray for them. Please pray for continued chances to meet with people over meals and play dates. Please pray for our family to stay well during this season so we may be hospitable.
  4. Upcoming School Year – As Tamasin heads into Kindergarten this fall, we’re looking at the various accommodations we’ll need to make to help her do well in school. Please pray for us as we work together with her and her teachers. Please pray for the students at GPG who will be starting the school year, too. Pray that they will be witnesses to God’s peace and hope in their schools.
  5. Apprenticeship/Residency Update – As we move into the last half of the year and the conclusion of our residency at Great Plains Gathering, we have begun to look at opportunities for planting a church. Pray for wisdom and discernment for where God wants us to go. Please pray for the transition for our family and the church. Please pray for the support of our ministry partners as we look into our next steps and seek to help advance God’s kingdom through church planting.

(Belated) Spring Update

It’s my fault. I meant to post our emailed update here back in May but completely forgot so while I’m here prepping our August update, I wanted to be sure and upload the one from May. Apologies!  – Rem

Update mailed in May:

Spring has sprung and there are TONS of updates!

Here are a few things that have happened since we wrote last:

  • Anthony was installed as Assistant Pastor at Great Plains Gathering. Praise God!
  • Kids Club hosted their first paint night and nacho bar. One of the members of the church teaches painting and graciously offered to teach the kids. We all had a blast!
  • Tamasin had her developmental assessments and all is on target for her to start kindergarten in the fall. A few of the things we were concerned about cannot be properly screened until later.
  • The MSUB powwow went well and the booth for changing and feeding that GPG hosted was a success! We had many mothers thank us for the service and take the information cards about the church.
  • The Rocky Mountain Community Church missions conference was great. This year they featured Montana church planting and Josh and Katie got to talk about GPG and church planting. You can watch the video they made at GPG to welcome people to our open house. (Remley made the logo for the conference this year)
  • Anthony oversaw the first end-of-the-year pizza party hosted by GPG in partnership with the MSUB Office of American Indian Outreach. They had 19 students come and it was encouraging to see GPG members sharing the gospel with their peers.

Thank you all for praying!

Prayer Requests –

This month, Anthony took over the keyboard (😃) and wanted to ask that you please pray for:

  • Summer Program Planning – With the regular school year activities dying down, I’m wrapping up the planning for the summer activities. Please pray that the events and studies planned would be beneficial to the people involved and would make God’s word come alive in their hearts.
  • Relationship Building – Since my outreach at the local campus, I have encountered many people. There are three men in particular that I want to connect with better. Please pray that God would give me opportunities for these connections to grow so that I might be able to share the gospel with them on a deeper level.
  • Growth in Christ and in Skills – This summer will mark a year at GPG for us. It has been a tremendous blessing and catalyst of ministerial growth in my life. Working at this church plant has given me a great sense of the importance of community. Please pray for continued growth in this season so that I can be better equipped to plant a church in the future.
  • Trust in God – Thank you so much for praying for us! This calling that my wife and I have to plant churches is a great blessing and it does put us out of our comfort zone to trust God for provision, gathering people, and relationship building. Please pray for me that my faith would always continue to grow stronger in our loving faithful God! Pray that my family and I would trust him more and lean not on my own strengths.

I call upon you, for you will answer me, O God; Incline your ear to me;
hear my words.”
– Psalm 17:6

Sermon: Do Not Love The World


This sermon was preached at Great Plains Gathering. This is the passage this is based on:

1 John 2:15-17

15 Do not love the world or the things in the world. If anyone loves the world, the love of the Father is not in him. 16 For all that is in the world—the desires of the flesh and the desires of the eyes and pride of life—is not from the Father but is from the world. 17 And the world is passing away along with its desires, but whoever does the will of God abides forever.

February Family Prayer Update

Anthony is an Ordained minister!

Great news! On January 26, 2017, Anthony was Ordained to ministry in the PCA by the Rocky Mountain Presbytery. We’re grateful for God sustaining us through the grueling study and examination process. We are also excited that Anthony has had the opportunity to spend time in study under great tutors and that God blessed his efforts and was glorified.

With Ordination completed, Anthony will be Installed as the Assistant Pastor of Great Plains Gathering on February 12 and looks forward to stepping up his responsibilities in that position. The prayer items below these photos will give you an idea for the types of ministry work he and Remley are involved with in Montana.

This month, please pray for:

  • Children/Youth Program. While Anthony has been teaching at our Kids Club (for kids 6 and up) every Monday evening, he will ramp up the program this spring and needs to develop a philosophy for the church’s ministry to that age group. He will also be developing a calendar of teaching and activities to support this philosophy. Please pray for Anthony to have wisdom and creativity throughout this process. Please pray that the program will be biblically sound, culturally relevant, and engaging. Please pray that Anthony and the students to continue to learn, love, and live out the gospel in service and respect to others inside and outside the church.
  • Assisting with Campus Native Outreach. One of the new roles Anthony will take on is volunteering a few hours a week to the Native Outreach department at the local university. He’s been helping there sporadically since we arrived in Billings and seen much fruit in relationships and trust. Please pray that God will continue to give Anthony favor in the eyes of the Native peoples on the campus. Please pray that Anthony’s time there will be helpful to the Outreach Coordinator. Please pray that he will be an ambassador for Christ and His Gospel, a good liaison for GPG, and that God will bless this work so that a prayer group might take root.
  • Family/Church/Work Balance. Remley has recently taken on several exciting new work projects. We thank God for these amazing opportunities and ask that you pray that God will be honored in her work. Also, please pray for her continued work at GPG, that she can be a helpful member of the church. Please pray that, in all of this, Remley is able to serve the Lord well and balance her responsibilities effectively.
  • Special Attention for Tamasin’s Education. We have recently discovered that Tamasin shows many of the early warning signs for some learning disabilities. Since Anthony has several, we knew she would be at higher risk and are familiar with many of the coping skills and techniques. Please pray that we are able to finish the enrollment process for Tamasin in a local school that will complete the screening process and provide the needed therapies. Please pray for Tamasin, that she has patience and trusts God through this process. Please pray that we continue to trust in God’s good plan and lean on Him in prayer for peace.
  • Prayer and financial support. We’re excited to announce that we are 76% funded for the next year. That’s 22% more than the last time we wrote! God is so good to us and we are thankful for all who have donated to support this ministry. Please pray for people to partner with us in prayer and funding.

I call upon you, for you will answer me, O God; Incline your ear to me;
hear my words.”
– Psalm 17:6


If you’re interested in donating to help fund Anthony’s apprenticeship with Great Plains Gathering, you can donate online by clicking through here. Any amount is appreciated. All donations are tax-deductible and 100% of your contribution goes directly to this project.