Women of the Word Lesson Audio and Handouts

If we want to feel a deeper love for God, we must learn to see him more clearly for who he is.

I’ve had the honor of teaching through the book Women of the Word by Jen Wilkin on Tuesday nights with the ladies at First Pres. The class is meant to explain and guide us in how to read the Bible on our own using basic hermeneutic principles. I’ve used Women of the Word and a few other resources that I thought would help to supplement the study and note in the audio where I’ve deviated from Wilkin.  For this reason, you don’t need the book to do the study but it’s a great and helpful tool if you’re interested in learning more.

I’m including the audio and handouts below for anyone to use. There have been a few tech issues that have slowed down the upload but I’ll link them once they’re available.

Lesson 1 – Introduction to Bible Study

In this lesson, we look at why proper Bible study is important and two things we might need to turn around before we move ahead.

Audio (coming soon)


Lesson 2 – The BIG Picture of the Bible

In this lesson, we look at the metanarrative of Scripture, i.e. the overarching story and how it informs the smaller storied within the Bible.



Lesson 3 – 5 Questions to Ask of the Book

In this lesson we talk about the 5 questions that need to be answered before we study any given book of the Bible so we might have a good understanding of the context. We also look at the genres of literature within the Bible and some helpful tools to help our study.

Audio (coming soon)


Introduction to Ephesians from the ESV Study Bible

Lesson 4 – The Process: Things to look for in the Passage

In this lesson we looked at process of Observation, Interpretation, and Application, why it’s important when we look at any given passage of the Bible, and we practiced the step of Observation with Ephesians 1.



Ephesians 1 printout (Chapter 1, double spaced and wide margins for easy use)

More lessons to come as they’re uploaded!

– Remley


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