Sept 11


Sept 11I don’t think I ever realized how important and difficult telling “grown-up” stories would be to my children but this year is the first year that my daughter understands enough that some stories need to start being told. They just need to be explained in a way that she can “get” them for now.

“You have to wear red, white, and blue to your school today, Tam, because it’s Patriot Day.”

“What’s Patriot Day?”

“That’s what they’re calling September 11th. It’s a very special day that we remember.”
“My birthday?”
“No, not your birthday. This happened before your birthday. It’s a day we remember because it was terrible. Not like your birthday. On September 11th we cried and were scared and watched bad things happen.”
“Oh. Why do I dress up for it?”

“Because a lot of bad things happened that day but there were also a lot of good people who helped and who fought to make sure that the bad things wouldn’t happen again. We remember the bad and the good. You know how sometimes you get scared that there might be a monster or a robot in your room?”

“Like Randall?”

“Yes, like Randall. And then Papa comes in and tells you that everything is ok and that you’re strong and God is strong and God will protect you?”


“September 11th is like that for America and for your momma and papa. It’s the day we were scared but we saw that we were strong and that God was strong and that He would protect us. That’s what we remember.”