A Few Family Videos

I’m just catching up on posting some of our family videos really quick before the clock strikes 12 on midnight tomorrow and I turn into a pumpkin (…forgive my humor, I’m on day 12 of a cold that descended on the house and it’s made me a little slap happy).

This is one of my new personal favorites. Tam is doing a 3-year-old’s rendition of Irish step dancing. We rented the Best of Riverdance from the local library and she requested it 5 times in one day.

This is Rowan enjoying his first solids. He really, really enjoyed it and has slurped up all the cereal we’ve fed him since:

Our weekly walk to the library normally includes Cat walking with us for the first block. My sister wanted to see how he does it, so I filmed it one time:

Hopefully, there’s more to come as I try to compile things over the next few days.

Happy New Year!!!


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