Rowan Joseph Luther

The latest addition to the Gorsuch family was born June 22, 2014 at 9:29am weighing 7lbs 12oz and measuring 20.5″. Rowan_2

We’re so excited to finally have this little guy in our arms and wanted to take a second to share some pictures and little about his name:

His first name, Rowan, comes from the Gaelic word that literally means “red” but was picked up by the Norsemen who used it as a word for one of their ash trees that bloomed with red leaves and berries. We chose “Rowan” because we wanted his name to serve as a reminder to our family of the wonderful work that God did in sacrificing his Son for our redemption on the cross – the beautiful tree stained red with his blood.

His second name, Joseph, is my father’s first name. We chose “Joseph” because we wanted to honor a great man who has served God and his family well and give Rowan a sense of being rooted to the (many) great men in his family.

His third name, Luther, is the last name of the father of the Protestant Reformation, Martin Luther. We chose “Luther” because we wanted to give Rowan a sense of the legacy of the people of faith who have helped form the church over the centuries. Luther fought hard throughout his life for the purity of the his own faith and the doctrines that are at the foundation of the faith of the global church.

It is our prayer that both Tamasin Ruth and Rowan Joseph Luther grow into their names with grace and awe and that, as their parents, we never lose the understanding of the weightiness of our calling to raise them well in the Lord.



  1. It’s awfully sweet of you guys; and it’s really cool to have a grandchild named after me! (I think I’m supposed to say something religious like “It gives me great joy” – well, it does that, too. But…it’s definitely cool!) It’s also a humbling thing – and a challenge – so I will be even more mindful now that others are following in our steps. So, “Thanks!” (And I like “RoJo” – Rowan Joseph) 🙂


  2. I wanted to get this onto his blog page – with the quote from M.C. Beaton –

    Today I was re-reading a novel based in Scotland, and I came across this great little paragraph, which I will dedicate to Rowan:
    “He hurtled along the one-track roads…the beauty all around him. Purple heather blazed on the flank of the soaring mountains. Rowan trees shone with blood-red berries. Above, the sky was an arch of blue.”
    – M.C. Beaton, “Death of a Policeman: A Hamish Macbeth Mystery” (p. 22)


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