Welcome to Earth…

A strange/super cool thing happened to me last night: I saw a man pull up beside me in the Wal-Mart parking lot and hop out of his still-running truck to go get something inside. The keys were still in the ignition and there was no one else inside the truck. Trust me. I peeked to see if there was a baby in the back to semi-justify it. Nope, no baby.

It might not seem cool or crazy but this is super cool because I’ve wanted to witness phenomenon ever since I heard Joe Diffie’s Third Rock From the Sun as a kid. You’d think I’d see this in Montana, a place where not locking your front door or leaving the keys under the driver’s seat is a common occurrence, but no. I had to come all the way to Hazelhurst, Mississippi to see this in person.

There’s one (strange) thing the scratch off my “Always Wanted to See” list. And here’s a video for the sake of nostalgia:

(And thanks to Dad for making me love 90’s country music)



Boogie Baby

Tam has a tendency to go a little bonkers every once in a while and being sick doesn’t stop that from happening.

Here’s a video of her dancing to some Modest Mouse in the morning, while she had a fever and a pretty nasty cough (please forgive the vertical screen and fuzzyness… we’re getting use to the new phone):

Summer Heat

This is my second June in Mississippi and it seems like it’s getting a little easier to handle the heat. I’ve learned to apply some wisdom that was given to us when we first got here:

Summers in Mississippi are like Winters in the North, in the sense that most people try to to lock themselves away inside while the weather is at its worst.

So, when you can, stay inside with your buddy the air conditioner and keep all dreams of day-hiking and bike riding out of your head.

I *hope* I’ll remember this as July gets even hotter.

Adventures in the South Land

We’re so use to having to drive a long way to get out of the state in Montana, that we’ve enjoyed the fact that you only have to go one hour west to get to Louisiana. Because of this, and the foreboding feeling that the Summer Language Institute is right around the corner, we decided to take a couple of days off from packing to adventure around and get a feel for the sights and tastes (mmm… catfish and beignets) of The South. Here’s just a sample of what we did:

Vicksburg Fam

Lake Chicot


Bourbon Street

…and now it’s back to packing because Crystal Springs, here we come!