Zoom Zoom

After much, much prayer, God has been gracious to us and we now have a working car! Hurray!

We are very thankful for the generosity from everyone who let us borrow their cars and gave us rides places and am overwhelmed with the kindness of those who helped us make the purchase. We celebrated with a trip to the store and a lunch out… and a quick break to take some pictures. Wahoo!


2000 Volkswagon Jetta



Our new car w/ the old one (not working…) behind it

Our projects for this week: getting the title officially transferred, new plates, tags, and official Mississippi driver’s licenses. While Anthony types up two papers from his J-term class. 🙂

– Remley



  1. We love our VW Jetta and know you will too. So excited for you guys and I bet it gets sweet gas mileage. Guess that means you’ll be needing to road trip it to MT this summer….


    1. It’s suppose to get great gas mileage so we’re stoked about that and we’ll see about that road trip ’cause there is a little person that should be around by then who I’d like to meet. 😉


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