Winter Term

The Winter Term is underway here (almost half-way finished, in fact) and I’m left wondering: Why the title “Winter Term”? I prefer the far hipper phrase, “J-Term“.

Plus, even though I know the season the Northern Hemisphere is technically experiencing is called “Winter”, after several Winters in Montana I feel like it should look like this:


Note: This is NOT what it looks like in Mississippi right now. This is a stock photo.

Instead of looking like this:


This is what it looks like right now: Green, Rainy, and it’s a mild 65*. This is a picture from our porch.

Who’s with me?

– Remley


One Comment

  1. Remely, it took a while for me to get use to it also but after almost 10 yrs in the South I honestly don’t know if I could handle a Montana winter again. Soak it in!! You will miss the white Christmas but other than that you will love no more SNOW. 😉


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