Officially Mississippians!

It’s official: We’re Mississippi residents in all respects.

We got our state driver’s licenses and plates yesterday and decided to celebrate by eating a Mississippi classic: boiled crawfish. We had some crawfish in Louisiana when we were there in June but that was in etouffee … it didn’t actually look like crawfish. This looks like very real crawfish.


The Crawfish Plate: more food that you need to eat in a day.

Rawr. I'm a spicy, crunchy crawfish!

Rawr. I’m a spicy, crunchy crawfish!

Three cheers for Mississipians!

– Remley


Zoom Zoom

After much, much prayer, God has been gracious to us and we now have a working car! Hurray!

We are very thankful for the generosity from everyone who let us borrow their cars and gave us rides places and am overwhelmed with the kindness of those who helped us make the purchase. We celebrated with a trip to the store and a lunch out… and a quick break to take some pictures. Wahoo!


2000 Volkswagon Jetta



Our new car w/ the old one (not working…) behind it

Our projects for this week: getting the title officially transferred, new plates, tags, and official Mississippi driver’s licenses. While Anthony types up two papers from his J-term class. 🙂

– Remley

Winter Term

The Winter Term is underway here (almost half-way finished, in fact) and I’m left wondering: Why the title “Winter Term”? I prefer the far hipper phrase, “J-Term“.

Plus, even though I know the season the Northern Hemisphere is technically experiencing is called “Winter”, after several Winters in Montana I feel like it should look like this:


Note: This is NOT what it looks like in Mississippi right now. This is a stock photo.

Instead of looking like this:


This is what it looks like right now: Green, Rainy, and it’s a mild 65*. This is a picture from our porch.

Who’s with me?

– Remley

Covenants and Christmas Breaks

During this Christmas break I have taken it upon myself to read more about Covenant Theology. I am halfway through the book, The Christ of the Covenants, by O. Palmer Robertson and I like it so far. It’s very informative. This book has been good for me while reflecting on the Christmas season and the end of the year. Recently I read this great bit, “God binds himself now to redeem a people to himself. The very words that pronounce the curse of the covenant of creation also inaugurate the covenant of redemption.”

Getting the chance to learn more about Covenant Theology has been bringing me a new joy about the Gospel. I’m realizing more and more that ever since the fall of Man in Genesis we see God being committed to redeem mankind and that throughout the Old Testament we see the concept of God dwelling with his people which culminates in Christ, our Emmanuel, the One who would be our mediator so we could dwell with God.

I know this idea is not new but this season it really resonated with me. I mean that I’ve mediated more and more on how much grace I’ve recieved and the glory of God through redemptive history.

– Anthony

P.S. If anyone has any other good books to read about covenant theology, I am all ears. I hope every one had a blessed Christmas and a great New Year! Happy 2013!